Brian Ledda

Tattoo Artist

Hola! I’m Brian, an ink enthusiast born amid the vineyards of Mendoza, Argentina, where creativity flows as naturally as the local wines. Since childhood, my world has been a canvas, and my brushes of choice have always been filled with vibrant imagination.
From sketching cartoons inspired by my favorite shows to conjuring unique characters, my artistic journey has taken me far and wide. Having wielded my tattooing craft in the artistic hubs of Prague and Barcelona, I’ve spent the last four years honing my skills in the vibrant ink scene of Australia – the place I proudly call home.
My tattooing style is a tapestry of influences, with a passion for Neo-Traditional, Realism, and Japanese artistry. Each design I create is a narrative, a journey etched into the skin, reflecting not only my client’s story but also the diverse tales from the cities that have shaped my craft.
Join me in transforming memories, passions, and dreams into wearable art. Whether you’re captivated by the timeless elegance of Neo-Traditional, the lifelike wonders of Realism, or the rich symbolism of Japanese design, let’s collaborate to turn your ideas into a masterpiece that speaks volumes about who you are.