what is Metrix Tattoo?

If you visit us in our studio or follow us online, you may notice the name Metrix and our green logo popping up all the time, so what is Metrix Tattoo?

Metrix Tattoo was born a few years before The Dark Essence Tattoo Gallery, by owner Joe Metrix, as a high-quality, affordable alternative to other cartridge needles on the market. Since then, Metrix has become an industry leader in Australian tattoo needles and supplies, focusing on working together with the Australian tattoo industry to continuously develop the best, most reliable products for artists to continue to push the boundaries in tattoo art. 

group of green and black pens on a black background.

Our products are developed and tested right here in our studio by our wonderful team of artists, before launching into production for the rest of Australia and the world. 

You know The Dark Essence will always be committed to the latest in tattoo technology and innovation, with it’s sister company Metrix Tattoo under the same roof. If you would like to find out more about Metrix, visit our website www.metrixtattoo.com *supplies are sold strictly to professional tattoo artists.