The Best Tattoo Styles for Covering Up or Reinventing Old Tattoos

Tattoos are powerful means of storytelling and self-commemoration. However, tastes change, leading some to consider refreshing old tattoos. Discover captivating tattoo styles that offer stunning cover-ups or breathe new life into old ink. Learn about the artistry behind a successful cover-up and find inspiration for your next masterpiece.

Best Tattoo Styles for reinventing your tattoo

If you’re looking to creatively transform your old tattoo into something entirely different, these are the best tattoo styles to give your old tattoo a new lease of life:

1. Neo-Traditional Tattoos: Combining the best of traditional tattoos with contemporary elements, neo-traditional tattoos can breathe new life into an old design. With bold lines and rich colour palettes, this style is perfect for adding depth and dimension to your existing tattoo.

2. Minimalist Tattoos: Sometimes, less is more. Minimalist tattoos are an excellent choice for simplifying and modernising an old tattoo. Wecan work with the existing design, streamlining it into a clean and elegant new piece. 

3. Sketch-style Tattoos: Sketch-style tattoos offer a unique and captivating approach to tattoos, allowing you to explore the essence of freehand sketches on your skin. At The Dark Essence, we embrace the creativity and individuality that sketch-style tattoos bring to the table. This style captures the raw beauty of pencil strokes and gives your tattoo an unfinished, yet incredibly artistic appearance. With the right artist, sketch-style tattoos can evoke a sense of authenticity, as if your skin is a canvas. 

4. Blast-over Tattoos: Blast-overs are cover-ups that intentionally leave the old work visible beneath the new, allowing your tattoos to grow and evolve with you. This style of tattoo is quickly gaining in popularity as we start to run out of space on our bodies to get new tattoos.

5. Japanese Irezumi: Japanese tattoos, also known as Irezumi, are a fantastic option for blast overs. With their elaborate motifs and extensive use of colours, they can transform your old tattoo into a part of a captivating and culturally rich design.

6. Celtic Tattoos: Celtic designs are known for their intricate knots and mesmerising patterns. If you have a smaller tattoo that you’d like to incorporate into a larger, unified piece, a skilled tattoo artist can utilise Celtic elements to connect the old and new tattoos seamlessly.

7. Watercolour Tattoos: The beauty of watercolour tattoos lies in their ethereal and painterly appearance. This style can be employed to transform your old tattoo into a vibrant watercolour masterpiece. By blending soft colours and incorporating new elements, your old tattoo will be reborn with a refreshing and artistic twist.

8. Sleeve Tattoos: For a full-arm blast over, consider getting a sleeve tattoo. A sleeve can blend various styles, such as realism, abstract, or traditional, to integrate your old tattoo into a cohesive and visually stunning arm masterpiece.

9. Black-out Tattoo: Blackout tattoos are a bold style of covering up tattoos that creates a visually striking statement. At The Dark Essence, we appreciate the powerful impact of blackout tattoos, where large areas of the skin are solidly inked in black. Blackout tattoos often involve covering existing tattoos or creating dynamic negative space, resulting in a captivating interplay between light and darkness. Our skilled artists at The Dark Essence understand the meticulous precision required for blackout tattoos, ensuring the ink is applied evenly and smoothly. 

White over black tattoos or working with empty gaps have emerged as a novel trend. This technique involves using white ink on top of the black. This innovative practice has recently gained more momentum in the tattoo industry. Incorporating a touch of white ink or incorporating a design in white ink over the existing tattoo can metamorphose your outdated ink into a fresh and distinctive artwork, breathing new life into your body art.

Starting the process of your cover-up piece

At The Dark Essence, the process of getting a cover-up tattoo is an exciting journey of creativity and artistry. Just like any other tattoo, it begins with finding a design that resonates with you. 

1. Crafting Your Cover-Up Masterpiece

Our skilled artists take the time to discuss your ideas, ensuring that the new piece seamlessly melds with the existing tattoo. Lines, shapes, colours – every detail matters. Our goal is to create a cover-up that not only flows beautifully with the curves of your body but also leaves little trace of the previous ink.

Moreover, if you have scars that you wish to incorporate into the design, our artists will work their magic to camouflage them artistically. Whether you prefer the scars to be subtly visible or fully concealed, we are here to bring your vision to life. Sometimes, it may require a bit of exploration and creativity, but with the dedication of our talented tattooists, we’re confident that an awesome design will emerge. 

2. Sizing: 

When it comes to covering up an old tattoo, sizing plays a crucial role in achieving a seamless and stunning result. Our skilled artists understand that the new tattoo will need to be larger than the previous one to ensure complete coverage. Embracing this concept opens up exciting possibilities, as a bigger cover-up tattoo grants us the freedom to explore various images and designs. Your artist will guide you through this process, advising on the optimal size that will work best for your specific cover-up project. Trust in their expertise, and together, we’ll create a work of art that surpasses your expectations. Remember, at The Dark Essence, we believe that when it comes to cover-up tattoos, bigger is undoubtedly better!

3. Choosing colours: 

We approach cover-up tattoos with a careful selection of colours that are best suited to conceal old ink effectively. Blues, browns, and blacks are our go-to pigments, as they excel at providing full coverage. Colours like red, yellow, and orange may not completely conceal preexisting ink, especially if the underlying shades are too dark. Our talented tattoo artists think of tattoo ink like watercolour, carefully considering how to blend colours to achieve the desired effect. Going bolder and darker often yields better cover-ups, and we can guide you on whether laser removal to lighten the previous ink might be beneficial. For scars, colour restrictions may not apply, and our skilled artists will always keep you informed throughout the design process. 

4. Choosing the cover-up method:

Indeed, when it comes to cover-up tattoos, there are several creative approaches to consider: Complete Coverage, Creative Reinvention and Blast Overs. Your tattoo artist will help you choose the best method to maximise results. 

Your cover-up journey may lead us to adapt and refine the initial idea, but rest assured that at The Dark Essence, we will never settle for anything less than exceptional. With perseverance and the artistry of our skilled tattoo artists, your cover-up tattoo will become a masterpiece that you can proudly wear and cherish for a lifetime. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary tattoo experience at The Dark Essence.


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